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Thread: "Gun-Free" Zone Open Carry

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    I am a CHP holder and very interested in OC. I am unsure of how the law is written on the topic of "gun-free" zones. As a CHP holder, can one OC in places that have posted the infamous NO FIREARMS sign? Any help in the issue would be appreciated, thanks!

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    The same basic "gun-free" zones do apply to OC as well, ie - schools, police stations, court houses, etc. But for the best details I would get ahold of the man that goes by Color of Law here on this forum. He is the guy we refer to as the walking legal dictionary.

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    In reference to non-Federal property:

    There are only five places where OC is statutorily prohibited:

    - A Courthouse or building in which a courthouse is located.
    - A jail or detention facility
    - A school or a school safety zone(unless certain conditions are met)
    - A place for which liquor is being dispensed under a class D license
    - A State run mental facility.

    CC has its own off limits places, including those above.

    Most CCers will say that OC is prohibited where CC is prohibited. By the letter of the law, this is not the case.

    The trouble arises because the "suggested signage" (contained in Ohio's CC law) for governmental entities disallows OC or CC, but there is no specific code that disallows OC in various places - like a college campus, or a college building.

    Ohio does not regulate OC, but if the establishment asked you to leave because you were OCing and don't then you could be arrested for trespass.

    Also if a business had a sign that said no guns - weapons or whatever you could be arrested for trespass, OC or CC.

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