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    Heading to MS from Alaska- flyin to LA driving to MS. What are the restrictions for concealed an OC in state parks? City owned parks? How do the local LEOs respond to OC?

    And to qual any question, I have heard this from alot of different websites. Alaska does issued CCW permits but it is not required to have one.

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    Go here to read up on the laws in regards where you can or cannot carry in MS:

    I am not sure what part of the stateyou will be carrying in but if it is in the Moss Point / Pascagoula / Gautierarea, go here to read how the LEOs have reacted to me OCing:

    Do you have an Alaska permit? It is recommended to have a permit from a statethatMS has reciprocity with(eg - Alaska)even if you are going to OC, although I have never been asked for mine (here in MS anyway).

    If you do not have an Alaska permit, there is a chance you will be charged with 'CC of a deadly weapon' even though you were OCing because of a case law stating a holster partially conceals your handgun...Idiotic I know, but unfortunately that is the way it is. Eventually it will get changed back to the way it is supposed to be and we will regain our right.

    MS does not destinguish between OCing and CCing. If it is legal to CC, it is legal to OC and vice-versa.

    I am going to attach the MS code on weapons.

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