What can you tell me about the 2nd Amendment Task Force?

I went to one of their meetings at the library. The talk was just that, talk. I enjoyed hearing from the students for conealed carry guy. He was very informative. But the rest of them was just talk. They didn't seem like they had much direction and they didn't say that they were in talks with our new mayor to take down the signs at the muni buildings.

The last guy who totaly turned them off to me was up there talking conspiracy. How they (thegov)are going to hold my daughter at school until I show up there and register or give them my guns. This is what turns us normal law abiding citizens off to groups such as this. Groups like this talking conspiracy and setting up rallies where they say bring your guns hey bring your .50 cal for our marchare the groups that scare the sheep of Alaskaand the sheep believe every gun owner is as crazy like those guys are. I would understand bringing a hand gun to a pro gun rights (not a 2nd amendment right) rally but we want to get the sheep on our side of this issue. Help me out what is the 2ATF purpose? Remember the 2nd Amendment does not give us the right, God does, the 2nd amendment just says that it has always been a right.