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Thread: Free AK with puchase of Truck!

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    A thousand pardons if this has been posted before...

    I like how the guy just ignored the dirtbag "reporter's" ridiculous leading and presumptive questions. Specifically, implying that one type of gun is somehow irresponsible in comparison to another. Human filth, she is.
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    The user comments are funny, especiallygoing to a gun fight with anerf bat one

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    I've seen that. Great interview. I wonder if they will ship to Virginia because I'm going to be buying a new truck soon.

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    I LOVE IT!

    I love how he put that reporter in her place numerous times.
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    Well, don't count on the "cash for clunkers" program to hep you get that truck, because the Ubamanistas f&*ked it up just like I knew they would. And this SAME bunch of idjits wants to run our healthcare, etc?

    Do yall know the Cherokee Nation gave Obama the honorary name "Running Eagle"? Here's why: a "running eagle" is a bird who is so full of crap he cannot fly.

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