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    So I'm going back to CO for a visit. I currently live in IN. Unfortunately I have to drive through IL and have to lock my pistol up. Don't plan on stopping anywhere in IL.

    Anyway, Kansas does not honor the IN license ( which is dumb because we honor yours).

    However, I have read that Kansas is an open carry state. I have also heard that Kansas does not have complete preemption and that localities can regulate OC. I don't plan on leaving the interstate except to fuel up.

    Does anyone know of places where I should not stop?
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    Unfortunately, I am not a Kansas resident, but it would be nice to put a sticky at the top of this forum with honest-to-goodness city code verified communities that ban open carry, with maybe links to the actual code that bans open carry.

    I just stress the actual code because I know in Oregon there is a lot of misconceptions about where open carry is actually banned or not. Heck, even in Washington with a rock-solid preemption statute people still claim certain cities have open carry bans!

    Sorry I couldn't really help you.

    According to this unofficial source, Topeka and Wichita are prohibited, with a quote of the Wichita code:

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    The problem is that there's a huge amount of work set up going to every town in the state and finding out the status of their laws.

    The best online resource I know of is available here, but it only covers a number of major cities and towns.

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