I copied this from the LFOD http://www.livefreeordierally.com site about a 2A rally in Jaffrey, New Hampshire that will be attended by many Free State Project http://www.freestateproject.org supporters. Check it out, hope you can attend or support their event.

The All Free, Only TRUE First Amendment Rally in the U.S. AUGUST 21, 22, 23, 2009 Jaffrey, NH

The National Annual N.H. State Live Free Or Die Rally is a non partisan, non aligned,non profit, all free true First Amendment event advocating freedom of speech, rights to redress with gathering and providing opportunity for the public, appropriate advocacy groups, legislators, politicians of all parties to come together on Common ground under one tent with tolerance once a year to discuss, share or review controversial topics. LFOD does not oppose or support any topic's attending organization's chose to redress. This event is still in its infancy being the only one of its type. It is the most difficult to almost impossible to organize where it relies on recruiting volunteers, donated features and venue to keep event all free. Advocacy groups united on common ground and common causes are the only real chance for reforms this event initiates. Please participate & help it grow.