On November 7-8, 2009, we will be co-hosting an incredible event for a worthwhile
cause. I'm talking about the first ever AMERICAN HEROES CHALLENGE.

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, LLC is partnered with and supporting the Las Vegas-based American Shooters, Inc. who is spearheading the campaign to develop, organize and host this exciting tactical competition.
http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102649994456&s=1700&e=001JGdM24 A5I4WeK_V-uVOUg0OAQB5NAH5iU78kbMxjDaXYbp5VVBUsMMQyKGeuvJFljk aZsxzPP--W_vvnG8yld9lRoaVoZgEQWM9DlJnqlPKbJbhDX5ubu2JMhMxd9 MUV]

All proceeds from this exciting event will go directly towards the construction of Las Vegas' first ever veteran's memorial park to be unveiled Memorial Day 2010.
http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102649994456&s=1700&e=001JGdM24 A5I4U9m_prj6VArgFX0c3nLLb456LUWRBTmuZewyJVfYFoIzts 6C_i7HFv9MOJpZf-u1WIUScl5xRDrB9ZgML6lBvCi9lxTSLqKsTwtkFWw0HN0iXn1r s913GiECOlaFkwQQI=]

http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102649994456&s=1700&e=001JGdM24 A5I4Ug-aWthMv2V3nYWISghM2OzIuHnpNcw1rhsLE4fY5TfAIsyYWw-bl6qHlV2kEJCuYuoNdkYuavgPUY6Cat6qjN4Lky-6IfkBiJbY5uz_7s_0NAnx0LE-Fi6KAJKR79wS7sVFsGuYoAFA==

To make this event and the memorial a success, we need your support.

We are currently accepting applications for up to 20, 4-member teams who will compete in various stages measuring their skill-at-arms, tactics, fitness, teamwork, decision-making and mindset. We assure you, no other tactical competition, past or
present, compares to this dynamic and cutting edge event. For those of you familiar with Defender Challenge, Best Ranger, SPOTC, Round-Up, etc., you will be blown away by the stage design, competitive format and overall mix of knowledge, skills and abilities tested.

This competition is open to all public and private professionals who go
in harm's way to enforce laws or safeguard interests. This includes lawenforcement, members of the Armed Forces, security professionals, corrections personnel, first responders, etc.

Prizes for the top teams are significant...to say the least. Seriously.
The prize packages are no joke.

For a complete overview of what your team could walk away with if you're
good enoughto beat out the competition, as well as the stages and overall event
concept, please visit: http://www.AmericanHeroesChallenge.com http://rs6.net/tn.jspet=1102649994456&s=1700&e=001JGdM24A 5I4XfFEoUAnR3CuEwJ1wbhBr6vUnKRQxiCqtmkNPsaWkedBvEb 6MFFW-dkBSA0vWfH0O6T0-hreNnK_6Jse9qVkPSaH0H1k57Ls_hak5SRSfQOJrV0ooFYGuPw UIeENEhFgU=]

This will be an exciting weekend with plenty of additional activities and reasons
to participate, be a spectator or support the cause. These activities
include some pretty cool 'extra-curricular activities' for that weekend soon to be

We are dedicated to building this Veteran's Memorial and hosting the
best tactical competition that our 'American Heroes' have ever seen. We sincerely
hope you'll join us for this worthwhile cause.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved, don't hesitate
to reply or call Ernie Beckwith at 702-292-7298.

Best regards and feel free to forward this to anyone and everyone in our community who might be interested in the American Heroes Challenge.
Thank you,

Steve Krystek
Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts LLC | PFC Safeguards


I have no dog in this fight, just passing along info.