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Thread: Saw someone OC in Sparks today (Wed 7/29)

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    So I wondered if it was one of the guys on the board. I was in Sparks at the Terrible's gas station on Greg and McCarren, came out of the bathroom and saw a fella with an XD (maybe?) and educating the lady behind the counter.

    I was the guy that gave you a thumbs up for OC when I walked out the door.

    The only think I'd say is you were wrong on the empty chamber requirement. There is no requirement to carry your pistol with an empty chamber, like you told the lady. Otherwise, Carry On!

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    "Empty chamber" is a from a Utah law. In Utah, without a concealed license, anyone OCing must have the chamber clear (two actions to fire). The slide could be retracted so both actions could be performed with one hand, but the chamber must be clear. Very probably someone from Utah or confused between their law and Nevada's. By the way, that law may no longer be in effect (they recently made a number of pro-gun law changes). Check with the folks on the Utah forum to be sure.

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