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Thread: OT: Local Media bias against privately owned guns

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    Admittedly off topic for an OC list, but interesting enough I thought I'd share it anyway.

    Ok, so we're all familiar with the media bias against guns and gun owners. How about this for a subtle, but stark example right here at home.

    Last week a homeowner shot a home invader. KSL referred to the shot criminal as a "shooting 'victim'."

    Today, a story about police shooting a criminal. Guess what, no mention of the word "victim".

    So if a homeowner shoots a home invader, the invader becomes a "shooting victim" in the eyes of KSL. But if a criminal is shot by the police he is merely a "man shot by police."
    And I'd bet nobody at KSL even recognizes their bias on this.


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    From what I have read in the past, KSL is usually pretty neutral when it comes to gun-related stories.

    On the other hand, The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune make no mistake when it comes to their position. :?
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    I canceled my subscription to the Deseret News once the anti-gun article came out.
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