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Thread: Midvale to modify firearms law

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    :celebrate Thank you to SecondAmendmentStudentsand all others who hepled bring this to Midvale's attention. :celebrate

    Midvale to modify firearms law
    State precedent » Second Amendment supporter targets ordinance.

    By Jennifer W. Sanchez
    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Updated:07/29/2009 04:58:30 PM MDT

    After a gun-rights advocate brought the issue to city officials' attention, Midvale is working on amending its firearms ordinance in an effort to comply with state law.

    Midvale is among a handful of local governments -- including Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Sandy and Draper -- that should "clean up (their) laws" when it comes to firearms, said Brent Tenney, a recent University of Utah graduate.

    Tenney has called and written to city officials about changing their local ordinances, which are more restrictive than state law.

    "They have all these gun laws but they have no authority to have them," Tenney said.

    Most importantly, Tenney said Utah's firearm laws supersede local government. He wants residents and law enforcement to know which rules to follow.

    "It creates confusion when cops are trying to enforce rules that infringe on people's rights," Tenney said.

    For example, Midvale's ordinance makes it illegal to carry a concealed weapon or loaded weapon. Sandy's ordinance prohibits firearms in parks.

    Midvale attorney Craig Hall said he's glad the issue came to the city's attention.

    Hall said certain sections of the ordinance, such as prohibiting concealed weapons in public, will be deleted to comply with state law. He expects Midvale City Council to approve an updated ordinance at its Aug.11 meeting.

    Last week, Draper City Council approved amendments to "clean up" its old city firearm ordinance to comply with state law, said city attorney Doug Ahlstrom. The former Draper ordinance, for example, prohibited silencers on firearms which it could not enforce, he said.

    In 2004, Utah law was changed, giving the state the power to enhance firearm regulation.

    Tenney, 26, started the Second Amendment Students at the U. in 2006 to advocate for students to have the right to carry a concealed weapon on campus and educate people on gun safety.

    In June, Tenney started making a map of Salt Lake County to see where shooting is allowed. Under state law, he said cities can ban shooting but counties cannot.

    That's when Tenney began identifying changes cities should make to their ordinances.

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    This great! Now if Logan could take an example from this, they wouldn't have to worry about us "demonstrating" (paranoia) instead of making a showing of support for our second amendment rights. Which is all we have ever stated that we were going to do.

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    Awesome work! It looks like Logan SHOULD be following suit next week. It's only taken 8 months.

    I posted this before, but the Sutherland Institute posted a very good editorial on the Logan issue that presents preemption in a very thought-provoking, yet totally logical way -

    Once we get Logan's laws fixed, we need to get a legislator to work on a law that forces cities and municipalities to RESCIND all of their firearms laws. We, as citizens, should not have to go through this process with every city. We are willing, yes, but it is not always easy (e.g., Logan). Several states have forced municipalities to remove their old firearms laws to avoid confusion. Why not Utah?

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    Good on them! Glad to see some things are getting done.

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    Moving along very well. I have had conversation with their officers and the Captains.

    for the most part respect gun rights. A few who still wont accept the fact.

    Had a few run ins mostly positive outcome.
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