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Thread: C.I.F.T.A. treaty

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    C.I.F.T.A. Is a very bad treaty.
    Not mentioned much in the news.
    A sneak attack. They cain't get what they want directly.
    So this gives them the means.
    All it needs it ratification by the senate.

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    Thank you for posting this video.

    Yes your are 100% correction the main stream news media and the Commies for One World Government in Washington DC with supporters spread through out the land are down playing this Commie One World Government Treaty.

    All Gun Owners should be writing their Congresspersons and e-mailing all their friends to oppose this Commie One World Government Treaty.

    Also write the NRA, GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, etc to get this information out to the public, off their laurels and on their feet !

    The name and intent of this BS Treaty signed by Klinton 1997but not approved by Congressand now being pushed by Hussein 2009, is very covert.

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