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    Every time I go to a gun show I see, not firearms bargains but in excess overpriced guns and downright fraudulent memorabilia. My 1950 Combat Masterpiece that i bought (SUCKER!!) FOR $950 is probably worth a little more than half as much. Many of the ammo bargains are crap that just might rupture your weapon.

    WTF is it with some of the people who set up tables? There seems to be a consensus that if it doesn't sell, then put a Swastika on it and it will. There was one table full of knives that I recognized from a "shop on TV" show ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO, except that they all had Hitler Youth symbols Krazy-glued to the handles. Jeeze, people......

    I thought I had run into a bargain last year when I bought a Gestapo warrant disc which the owner of the display assured me was genuine. Cost me $50. But research revealed that it was a Lithuanian copy made NOT by wartime resistance but by Lithuanian forgers seeking to exploit the American craze for all things Nazi. (In all fairness, I palmed it off on a local bar bouncer for $100). (and no, Bruno. Youre stuck just like I got stuck,)

    Good Lord. No wonder the operators of these shows prohibit loaded firearms.

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    Dirtbags are everywhere, Trade Shows are usually where they are most heavily concentrated.

    Gun Shows are just Trade Shows focused on guns... I only go to gun shows to look and touch. Never buy. I feel that kind of attitude is deserved by people like that... they can complain about me being a lookie-loo and a tire-kicker all they want. Until they shape up, no money!

    Complaining that I am not giving them my money is like demanding a more direct form of Welfare. Businesses, and business owners, like that, get no respect from me.

    Step up or step off.
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    Tyranny with Manners is still Tyranny.

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