I'm going home for a visit. We all know that IL does not honor our license. No problem there, I don't plan to stop at all in IL.

MO does honor our license and they are an OC state.I will prob have to stop oncethere. Maybe more because I will have two small kids with me.

Then there is Kansas. They do not honor our license. They do howeverallow OC without a license where local law allows. No preemption in KS so local law can prevent OC.

My point I guess is that I am only traveling through 3 states besides IN and my destination, CO and out of those three there is only 1 state where I do not have to worry.

On one hand it would have been nice for the legislation to pass that would have forced state reciprocity. On the other hand I'm glad it didn't because I believe that the matter is a state issue. I just don't understand why states can't play nice on their own and honor other states licenses/permits.