Re: Should the open and unconcealed carry of a handgun be legal
byBlackHawk501 Today at 1:14 am

Also, carrying open alot of times only invites confrontation. Thugs don't care, some will try you just to see if you have the balls. As far as should the lawabiding citizen have the right to o/c over c/c. That's a hard one. As a Police officer, if I see a man walking around o/c, even if it were legal, I'm gonna stop him and check him, cause I'm not gonna know if he's licensed to do so until I do. And that is gonna cause a problem with some (you know who you are). Your gonna get all pissy because I stopped you to see if you were legally o/c. Wouldn't you rather carry concealed and not get stopped and checked by every officer that you passed. I personally would rather the law abiding citizen c/c, that way if I don't see it, I don't have to stop you and waste yours and my time. And if it were legal to o/c, TRUST ME I AM GONNA STOP YOU AND CHECK YOU, BECAUSE I PLAN TO GO HOME TO MY FAMILY EVERY NIGHT. I'm not gonna get shot because I failed check someone, cause I was affraid of hurting someones feeling and that someone turned out to be a criminal. Nope not gonna happen. yer gonna get stopped. Sooo why not just be happy c/c. Hey I may not be a police officer myself much longer. Just depends on what the doc says about my hip injury, but as a citizen I will still c/c for previous stated reason. I will not o/c.
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