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    What i got is a ruger 1022
    one mag
    red dot sight
    muzzle brake
    still like new in box
    with ammo.

    Ive been trying to get a handgun for awhile now, got this rifle on a trade for a beretta 25, i figured a ruger 10/22 would be a better offer than a little 25.

    Im looking for a 380 or higher, just want something to OC. I miss having protection at my side., well it sucks to say the least. And my email blocks just about everyone.

    Got an offer? let me hear it! Looking for a straight trade though.

    Since im on the stories forum, might as well tell a story.

    So i was riding on my quad the other day up in the woods, and i decided to briing my 22. I dont have a rack or anything so i strapped the rifle on my back. Well on the way there i got pulled over by the sherrifs, the one guy didnt even say a thing about my gun, just asked me why i had no plate on my quad, ( i actually did but its hard to see from behind). Anyway overall good experience OC'in a rifle. Pretty interesting i guess. saw a guy the other day wiht an SKS on a Harley davidson. that was a cool sight to see

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    Im looking for a 380 or higher, just want something to OC. I miss having protection at my side.

    If you're going to OC, I wouldn't screw around with anything as dinky as .380 ACP. .380 is a rather anemic caliber whose main advantage is that it can be used in tiny little pocket pistols that are used for deep concealment. If you like autopistols, I'd go with the .40 S&W or .45 ACP. If you like wheelguns, I'd go with .45 LC or a full-sized .357 Magnum.

    I like wheelguns and I like Rugers, so for OC I'd go with a GP100 or maybe a Security or Service Six if I could find one. The DA sixes are hard to find as they're no longer in production and are highly sought after in the second-hand market.

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