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Thread: 1911 Conversions

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    Does anyone know of a 9mm or .38 Special conversion kit for 1911's? I have an Advantage Arms .22 kit for my Taurus PT1911 and it works great for teaching new shooters, but it's quite a step up to the .45 for a lot of people and I'd like to have an intermediate step, preferably on the same platform I normally carry.

    I'm considering a new or used PT92 as being the closest thing in size/weight/ergonomics to a 1911 as I have found yet, and it also makes a decent carry gun, but trying to explore all options. I'd also consider a purpose made 1911-frame 9mm if I could find one under $1000, preferably under $700.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you checked 1911s in 9mm are quite common, .38 Special not so much, but there are a few around. 38's are often more expensive since they were mostly made as formal bullseye guns.

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