This is, admittedly a bit off topic at least. But I suspect it will be of interest to many and many will be sympathetic (admittedly, some will not care and a few may even be opposed) and so pass it along without further comment.

Gun Owners and RKBA supporters need to show up to this march and rally next
Saturday morning. Bring your signs and banners. Mount on ATV's, cars, bicycles
or just walk. We will go from 5th South and State St. north to the Capitol at
10:30 am. A Capitol rally will take place at noon.

This is all about protesting the intervention (intrusion) of the feds into our
lives. This is about pushing to regain our state sovereignty as well as our
individual rights. Sheriff Richard Mack will be there to speak.

The silent majority has allowed the loud and obnoxious freedom haters more than
40 years of making noise and infiltrating our media, both public education and
higher education systems, and entertainment industry.

It's our turn to get noisy. This is the only way for Washington to hear our
demands, that we will not stand for loss of our liberties, that we will not
stand for violating the intent of our forefathers in the great words spread upon

Get this everyone on your email lists. Please go to for
further information.

This is URGENT. Please get this out.

Curt Oda