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Thread: Are you a hoplophobe?

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    1. Does the presence of a firearm make you feel uneasy? Yes ___ No ___
    2. Does it bother you that other citizens may be carrying concealed handguns, even if it is legal? Yes ___ No ___
    3. Do you believe only police and the military should have guns? Yes ___ No ___
    4. If you saw a person openly carrying a firearm, would you immediately call the police even if the armed citizen was simply minding his own business? Yes ___ No ___
    5. If you were hiking on a trail and encountered another hiker who was armed, would you:
    a) Argue with that person that guns don’t belong in the forest
    b) Turn around and leave the area
    c) Demand to see that person’s hiking permit
    d) Just walk past, say hello or say nothing at all, and mind your own business
    e) Chat with the person, ask what kind of gun he/she is packing and show him/her your gun
    6. Would you support or oppose a ban on legally-carried handguns on public property, including municipal, state and national parks, national forests and wilderness areas? Support ___ Oppose ___
    7. Do you think gun owners should be required to have licenses, and their guns registered with the police? Yes ___ No ___
    8. If your new neighbor mentioned that he belongs to the National Rifle Association or the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, would you invite him to a neighborhood barbecue? Yes ___ No ___
    9. Do you now, or have you ever owned a gun, and would you allow a firearm in your home? Yes ___ No ___
    10. Would you accept an invitation to go target shooting with a friend, or on a date? Yes ___ No ___
    11. Have you ever considered enrolling in a gun safety class? Yes ___ No ___
    12. Would you support, or oppose the inclusion of gun safety as part of your local public school curriculum, including the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program for young children? Support ___ Oppose ___

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    Nope, not me.

    I'm a hoplophiliac. One with an affection towards guns.

    This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine. My rifle will not let me down if I do not let down my rifle.I will treat it with respect and it will be good to me.

    Applies to all weapons.
    "The Second Amendment speaks nothing to an unfettered Right". (Post # 100)
    "Restrictions are not infringements. Bans are infringements.--if it reaches beyond Reasonable bans". (Post # 103)

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