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Thread: Some hypothetical sillyness

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    So let's say you're carrying OC and you have your CPL.

    You happen to encounter a seemingly friendly officer of the law who says "Hi there, I was just wondering if you have a CCW". You, thinking that he is using the common yet incorrect term answer "yes I do officer".

    Does the officer now have RAS to detain you because you just admitted to having a felony firearms charge on your record and therefore must be possessing your firearm illegally?

    It's late and I'm tired :shock:


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    We've seen in a regular basis that some police will do as they please, with or without RAS. But that doesn't mean much to this scenario, because the fundamental problem with it is that you shouldn't be answering questions like that.

    Dean Greenblatt told me a while ago that a great response for police when dealing with gun related matters is something like "officer(s) I'm very willing to cooperate and answer any gun related questions you may have, but only in writing at a later date so as to avoid confusion and misunderstanding."

    Whether or not it's said truthfully, that response could work well in your scenario, and many others.
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