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    The State of Texas which was once a Nation 1836-1845, sinks to the low levels of the Commies, Fascist, and Socialist. 1873 bans open carry and now 2009 starting this mess below like Chicago and New York.

    What would the Defenders of the Alamo 1836 think of Texas today ? Shameful

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    Greetings Liberty Belles and Beaux,

    The term, "gun buy back" is puzzling. The government never owned the firearms in the first place so they can't possibly be buying them back.

    The City of Dallas, Texas is hosting a "gun buy back" event on August 15th. Such events occur in many cities around the country every year. Residents turn in their firearms in exchange for money or something of monetary value. At the Dallas event, residents who turn in their unloaded, operational firearm will be compensated with a $50 grocery card.

    Read more about this topic and others on our website at
    • Tragic proof that guns are often needed for self defense
    • Choose Your Weapons
    • Prison likely for ex-Giant Burress
    and more!

    Thank you for your support.

    Jennifer Freeman
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    Does Texas allow private transfers ? If so do what I did at a recent gun buy back here in Phoenix. I parked my Goldwing in front of one of the buy back sites, placed a sign on the front and back saying, I MAY BUY YOUR GUNS FOR CASH, I got there late but still picked up 2 pistols for $30 each. Beat them at thier own game, but the guns that were going to be turned in, most would rather have cash over a gift card.

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    Yes Texas allows private transfers.

    No, I do not like "buy backs" either. I wouldn't call all of Texas shameful. What do you propose be done to stop buybacks IDAHO COWBOY?

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