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Thread: The Bullet Proof Mind: Mental Preparation to use Firearms for Protection

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    Found a flyer for a "rare public course" seminar on 8/15/09 in Puyallup 9am-4pm at Best Western Plaza Hotel by a Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman "West Point Professor/one of nation's leading leo trainers". He's written a few books-"On Killing", "On Combat", etc. The topic is "Mental Preparation to use Firearms for Protection". Course covers:
    -the "Warrior Spirit"
    -Surviving Gunshot Wounds
    -Combat Preparation for your Spouse
    -Killing Enabling Process
    -Survivor Guilt
    -Important drill that nobody practices
    -Games are more dangerous than movies
    -reality and fantasy are a blur
    etc, etc
    Anyway, it sound interesting, not that I have the time or money to go..
    Register by phone 800-622-9391 $109 or online at www.code4. org $99. (website didn't seem to work too well)

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    I joined the Army and did a year in the gulf and it was free, heck they paid me.

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    just out of curiosity, I emailed the company responsible for this seminar, inquiring as to what their policy was with respect to open carry. The reply is as follows:

    I am not familiar with the laws in Washington. But if you are acting within the laws of Washington stateI have no reason or interest in telling you not to exercise your rights under the law. I hope to see you at the seminar.


    Code 4 Public Safety Education Assoc., Inc.
    Voice (541) 245-0703
    Fax: (541)732-1829

    I somewhat figured that would be their response, but considering that some members have been told not to OC in gun stores, one never knows...

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