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Thread: From another forum-RCW 9.41.270 violation when hunting?

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    Serial number checks?

    RCW 9.41.270 violation when hunting?

    From Northwest Firearms:

    Original post:

    Clark County,

    What is it with Dispatch, saying person know to have firearms and not police friendly?

    Officer shows up on scene, runs the suspect he comes back clean no wants/ warrants/convictions, they verify he has his CCP, calls records for a serial number check? Serial was clean. Write him a ticket send him on his way..

    Now, I here it all the time "suspect is not police friendly" whats up with this some sort of tag on their police file?

    I have also herd an unusual amount of firearm serial number checks over the last week? Not one has been stolen?

    Another one was man with a gun call.. Passing driver called in seeing a man with a gun in a field? The driver stated she felt threatened and felt it was unsafe for him to be so close to a road it and looked like a machine gun!

    The officers decided to meet at a local store before engaging suspect and then went to investigate? They see suspect with sidearm in holster on his property pointing a rifle/shotgun at the ground?

    They officers act all tactical on the radio for about 5-10 min then open mic tell him to get on the ground etc... He is compliant with the request! You could here him saying he is hunting moles why am I handcuffed? Records indicate he is clear no wants/warrants. In short they transport him under an RCW 9.41.270 and another RCW I did not catch! Location was brush prairie area out in the sticks I googled it! Now Is that Brandishing?

    I need to find a way to stream my scanner's.... Back to listening to them trace down a felony suspect that bailed form a Lexus.

    The thread is mostly about scanners.


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    While engaged in the act of hunting with a valid hunting license it would be very difficult to get a RCW 9.41.270 violation without getting in trouble for shooting at a fake animal set up by WDFW or shooting from or over a roadway (except for disabled hunters).

    If a man is in the middle of a field killing moles which are a pest on his property or if he's hunting with a hunting license in same field, he can fire his rifle in any direction he pleases so long as there is a safe backstop and he's not firing over a roadway or towards people.

    The hunter/landowner in his field is simply not carrying in a manner, under circumstances and at a time and a place that warrants alarm for the safety of others or manifests an intent to intimidate others.

    The people calling in the MWAMG (Man with a Machine Gun... lol) should be contacted and warned about false reports.

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    They "run" the SN to get it registered. By them calling in your firearm make, model and SN along with your name address and DL/CPL, they have just registered your firearm. It's now on the record and will eventually make its way to the federal data bases.

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    the federal data bases
    Which federal data bases?

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