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    Gun Law Update
    April 24, 2009. Obama's CIFTA Treaty Skirts Congress,
    plus EPA gun control and the ammo shortage.
    If you can't push gun control through Congress,
    just do an end run and take them out of the picture.

    by Alan Korwin, Author
    Gun Laws of America
    April 24, 2009

    1. CIFTA Gun Treaty Removes Congressional Oversight
    2. Amend Constitution by Statute, Using EPA Laws
    3. National Ammo Shortage Is Suspicious
    Permission to circulate this report granted.

    1. CIFTA Gun Treaty Removes Congressional Oversight
    1. CIFTA Gun Treaty Removes Congressional Oversight
    (Note: How this treaty can overrule U.S. law or the Constitution itself
    is discussed at the end, after the treaty analysis below.)

    I've completed my review of the South America gun-control treaty that Mr. Obama wants to get ratified.
    It is known as CIFTA, the Inter-American Convention Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, And Other Related Materials. It can be found here verbatim:

    -- EVERY aspect of the treaty introduces major required gun controls, most of which will affect average citizens (as well as the targeted criminal syndicates, dictators and other bad actors).
    -- The controls go way past anything EVER attempted by gun-control groups in the United States.
    -- NONE of the proposed gun controls are likely to pass by themselves through Congress. If the treaty is enacted they don't have to -- they become law when the treaty is ratified.
    -- Virtually NO PROTECTIONS FOR RKBA are to be found, and the wordings are loose enough to allow all sorts of attacks on gun rights American enjoy today.
    -- The U.S. government under this treaty GAINS POWER to manage firearms almost any way it would like to, without checks and balances.
    -- Once signed, many of the restrictions and government intrusions become MANDATORY, and the full Congress, already cut out of ratification (only the Senate approves treaties) would be cut out of the implementation process entirely.
    -- Top to bottom registration of all firearms, ammunition, ammunition components and other related materials is required if they are "in transit" and records must be kept indefinitely. This vague language, and the requirement to comply are a gun-banner's dream and a rights advocate's nightmare.
    -- "Transit licenses or authorizations" for transfers of firearms are required for imported firearms, and loose language could include the same for all domestic firearms.
    -- Lengthy recordkeeping is required that directly conflicts with U.S. law, and would be left up to bureaucrats and arbitrary controls and implementation.
    -- Home reloading of ammunition would become illegal and subject to severe sanctions, without government licensing that is undefined and could include almost any conditions, taxes and limitations, including scrupulous inventorying, recordkeeping and unscheduled audit searches of people who reload.
    -- Similar licensing and controls will be required on anything made "that can be attached to a firearm," known as "other related materials." This includes components, parts, replacement parts and such items as wood or composite stocks, slings, bayonets, bayonet lugs, sights, scopes, rails, lasers, grips, flash hiders, suppressors, muzzle brakes and other paraphernalia. Attaching any such parts without a government license would be "illicit manufacture," a criminal act with undefined penalties.
    -- Record sharing requirements ensure that any gun-owner data that must be destroyed under current U.S. law can be easily stored abroad, and can be retrieved at will as required under various international "cooperation" clauses.

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    Old news
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