Picnic at Green Bay Park to Celebrate Right to Bear Arms (video link)

Aug 7, 2009 06:11 PM EDT

By Sara Kronenberg

This weekend, a group celebrates the right to bear arms with an open-carry picnic.

They're planning on a picnic at a Green Bay city park, celebrating what they say are two American traditions -- a barbeque and the Second Amendment.

"It's a right that a lot of lawmakers are trying to take away from us, and people need to make a stand," organizer Bronson Smith said.

So Saturday at noon, Smith and others who own guns will be exercising their rights at Ted Fritsch Park with their first open-carry celebration.

They got the idea to have the picnic after seeing celebrations in other parts of the country where people were able to successfully celebrate their right to bear arms.

"To show people it's safe, that responsible adults will only use their weapons for self-defense and the bad guys will use theirs no matter what," Smith said.

He says most of the response is positive, with people wanting to spread the word that guns do not equal violence.

There are some who worry about what an outing like this could lead to. Just in case, the Green Bay police say they are aware of the event.

"The group is very cognizant of the requirements, and they'll follow through because they don't want anything that would take away from their right to bear arms," Captain Karl Fleury, Green Bay Police Department, said.

Neither side is expecting any problems, just a chance to share their perspective with the community.