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Thread: CZ 52 holster options

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    My boss was checking out some of the holster he had with a CZ 52. He found that the CZ fits perfectly in a Kydex (?) holster he has for his Berretta 92FS and a Fobus holster he has for his S&W .40. The Fobus had a number that may be the model, C-21. The CZ52 fitsnug with no sloppiness at all, in both holsters.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone looking for a holster option for the old CZ 52's.

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    They're basically full sized handguns with slim dimensions. They'll fit in a lot of holsters.

    Just don't keep a round in one.
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    i carry a cz-75 in 40 cal.and have found it fits well in holsters for sig 229

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