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Thread: First Open Carry!

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    Hey folks,

    Just got back from my first open carry - just a short trip down to Safeway in Sherwood. Not one question, comment, or confrontation.

    I did hear behind me a young girl's voice, "Daddy, is that a real gun?". She sounded more curious than concerned. Since it wasn't addressed to me, I just walked on like it was no big deal - which is exactly the way it should be, right?

    I got a lot of people looking me in the eye, though. I returned their looks pleasantly, and with a smile and a nod. I also got great service from the various Safeway employees as they helped me find an Apple/Marion berry pie and some ground beef.

    I'm beginning to understand the saying "An armed society is a polite society".

    I imagine my success with today's carry was greatly assisted by the fact that:

    1. It was a really short trip
    2. I look a lot like an off-duty cop

    Of course, if anyone asks me, no, I'm not a cop (I don't care to go to jail for impersonating a police officer) and I'm just out shopping. With a gun.

    I happened upon my next door neighbor while there, and we chatted amicably for awhile. I know he has a handgun and has done CC in other states, so I encouraged him to OC - maybe we'd catch lunch sometime.

    Anyway, this experience has emboldened me - I can't wait till this Thursday's OC meet-up at the Bomber.

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    You know, I'm beginning to get the impression that people are not asking me about my weapon because I too may look alot like a LEO.

    Makes for an easier time of ti that for sure!

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    I always have a good experience when I OC at Safeway!

    Safeway will always get my business for one main reason.

    While OCing, an employee thanked me for carrying a firearm in to their store!!:what:

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