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Thread: H1N1 and potential Martial Law

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    I find this rather disturbing.,2933,538774,00.html

    Just how bad does the epidemic have to get before they impose Martial Law? I can understand the approach, but the declaration of Martial Law prohibits the carry of firearms. Ironically, at a time where they may be needed most.

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    Apart from whatever you may read at the national level, North Carolina still has on the books a law prohibiting carry off one's property when any state of emergency exists.

    From :

    "5. Areas of Emergency and Riot
    It is also a misdemeanor under North Carolina law for a person to transport or
    possess, off his or her own premises, a dangerous weapon in an area during a declared
    state of emergency, or in the vicinity of a riot. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-288.7 A concealed
    handgun permit does not allow a permittee to carry a weapon in these areas. N.C. Gen.
    Stat. § 14-415.11(c)"

    This law needs to go, at the very least the emergency part. Until then, whether a misdemeanor is worth risking to protect oneself in such a situation by being armed, is a personal decision.

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    You have to consider in an event like that there would most likely be widespread choas and crime.

    Taking this upon consideration, and being from New Orleans orginally... left before the Katrina accident/disaster/bull**** but heard many first hand accounts from family and friends. I'm not sure what there laws are concerning carrying off property in a time of emergency, but bassically the point i'm trying to make is that if a small criminal charge like that is going to keep you from protecting you and your loved ones you must not value your life. Then comes the fact that they had a two week grace period where crimes went unpunished because of the mass looting, etc.

    This law is preventing the people who legally own guns from protecting themselves from the people who already don't give a crap about the laws and who will be carrying anyways. I'm sure it seems like a good idea because it will eliminate confusion for police/military on who should be carrying and shouldn't be.

    Unless you are survavilists junkie you are probably going to have to leave the safety of your property in an event like this, IMO i'm not letting some petty charge sway my decision to carry off my property if I leave. In fact if had to leave my property, chances are i'm going to strap my AK to my back and holster my handgun, not leaving any ammunition or firearms for looters.

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