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Thread: First open carry

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    First time i carried when i wasnt out shooting. I went on a camping trip to payson with some friends a few days ago to camp at tonto creek. So i brought my dan wesson model 15 4 inch 357. The ride went smoothly .we stopped at a mcdonalds that had a sheriff deputy in it didnt even look at me twice. then we needed to stop in the payson walmart. Went in no problems bought a 2 dozen eggs and 4 bags of ice. camping went off with out a hitch had no problems with people or wildlife besides some coyotes that came pretty close at night. on the way back we stoped at a taco bell. I went to the counter the cashier looked at my hip then at me i ordered a large drink paid then sat down. on the way back our truck over heated so we were broke down for a bit letting it cool off tehn putting more coolant in. a couple of people pulled of the road to see waht was happening. we explained we didnt need anything and they were very friendly. Still i felt alot better having a gun while being on the side of the road. on a side note it is funny how antis will enjoy shooting guns and going all gung ho shooting a tree or empty propane tank but still be convince that no one should own a gun. Of course that friend is from california and quite liberal, but stil will ask for more 12 gauge shells and 22 rounds after he empties your gun. all in all very good experience.

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    Welcome to your Rights. Use responsibly.

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