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Thread: OCer at Presidential Town Hall in New Hampshire

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    For those that don't know, New Hampshire Free-Stater's regularly go inside the Capitol wearing their firearms, so the police there are fully aware of the laws.

    Listen how the out of touch media speaks of a "gun":

    News Coverage MSNBC of Open-Carry

    Interview with Open-Carrier Liberal Media-Chris Mathews

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    I just watched that interview with Chris Mathews for the first time. What an absolutely arrogant, rude piece of #$%# he is. I commend the guy getting interviewed for maintaining his cool and trying his best to have a healthy discussion with someone who is so obviously anti-gun. Job well done sir.

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    This just make me angry off my ass, Why is every one who own's a gun and want to carry suddonly a bad guy with a hidden agenda.

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