I’m a “political refugee” from Taxifornia. When I moved up here I knew I’d fit in after the neighbors started asking me to run for county commissioner before I’d even gotten my OR drivers license (it was really in the first month of being here).

I’m a private pilot, SCUBA diver, ride motorcycles, enjoy hunting & fishing, and am quite active with politics on the internet, mostly sticking to Constitutional rights issues but straying into a few other areas as well. Since this board is about the 2nd amendment I won’t mention those other areas.

I’m a former Marine, 18 years total service, 14 ½ active duty, medically discharged in 1999. I spent 5 years working in a lumber mill between stints in the Corps. After the Corps I spent 5 years working in Taxifornia for a small county transit department working on and building police cars and later driving a bus. I was also an officer in the local Search and Rescue there, appointed to the Airport Commission and the cities Planning Commission.

I lost my first wife in a motorcycle accident in 2001 and met my current wife in 2003. She had lost her husband in a motorcycle accident less than two weeks after my wife and I had ours, on the other side of town. Being a town of just 5000 we both knew of the other but never met until I came across her on yahoo while looking for other riders in the area.

A year and a half after moving there I ran for city council after having been told I had no chance because I wasn’t “one of the good ole boys”. I was 184 votes shy of being seated on the council and they took notice.

As a Planning Commissioner, I was the guy that the liberal “big city” planning consultant didn’t like as I took him to task on any and every intrusion upon the people who were coming before us with their development projects. I learned a major lesson in politics there. The first one to get their motion in is usually the one that gets their way. I said “I move to approve” an awful lot and think only one didn’t go through as I stated it (it got a modification and did pass).

My wife is also a CHL holder, we live on 40 acres in the country North of Medford and have a runway in the backyard (a lifetime goal), a 50 yard firing range, and lot’s of space. My wife is also active in politics and is the So Oregon coordinator for a political group.

Today was my first open carry exercise outside of the very local area here where nobody bats an eye at a sidearm that’s properly holstered and carried. The “results” of my day are posted elsewhere and it was a good experience.

Can’t think of anything else that might interest folks, probably have a lot up there that doesn’t anyway. LOL I’m looking forward to participating here on the board as well as out on the streets.