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Thread: This is driving me up the wall!

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    And some of them are complex stories. But there seems to be 1 of these every day. the last 2 of note:

    yesterday- I was OCing but wasn't wearing a shirt LOL, yeah I guess its like being naked for me! I have alot of dreams though where I seem to lose my shirt. But now I am OCing inthem. I was at a convention or something or another too. Bunches of people around and I realize I have no shirt on. Are they looking at me for that, or is it the OC? I had my XD40 if I recall.

    today- I am living in TN and alone on the first floor of a house in some larger sized town. I am OCing LOL. I go to the backyard and notice a stray dog and a stray puppy. So now I am OCing and trying to contain both dogs, the adult one of which looks like it has mange- yuck. Things skip ahead. Now I am OCing in a pet store and telling someone about the dogs, that I need flea shampoo and that I need to take the 2 dogs to a vet. At some point I am OCing along a sidewalk. Then later I am back at home, the 2 dogs have turned into kids LOL ( and my kids to boot- in reallife Idon't have any). My dad ( who is not my real life dad- another LOL) is handicapped, uses a caneI think, and wants us to all go out. He insists that he also OC. The problem is it is now winter and real cold out, so we are trying to find thick sweaters or something to wear so we can OC. Finally we go out somewhere, both OCing. I see a sales receipt from a store ( the pet store?) and it says Ohio on it. I think " oh well, ok I'm in OH, but you can OC there too". Oh yeah, no one seems to notice or care about the OCing. My XD40 again I think, the "dad" had an old army 1911 I think.

    I've also had dreams where I am OCing in MD- OOPS! Or maybe it is the future being shown to me. Butin the dreamsI realize the OOPS and am constantly trying to cover up with something and make my way home, or at least get to the PA line! This series has been mainly taking place just below the line and in the same area.

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    I want to hear more about the one where you "lost your shirt". Did any more articles of clothing "dissappear"?


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