According to Open Carry Movement and 2nd Amendment community-organizer Jeff Schwilk, "Encinitas is probably the most liberal city in San Diego County. So why did so many folks clap, cheer, support, and inquire as we walked along the sidewalk cafes on Highway 101 this morning? Could it be that most Americans actually love this country, our rights, and our God-given freedoms? It appears so."

On August 15, 2009, 18 Americans participated in the open carry walk to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights as Americans. Of the 18 men and women of all backgrounds, 12 were openly carrying a firearm; 6 participants were women; 12 had never been to an open carry event before; 10 lived or had lived or worked in Encinitas; 1 came down from Orange County; and all 18 left four hours later with a renewed sense of hope and solidarity for our country and our Constitutional rights.

Attending the event was the Garcia Family, Rosa Garcia, her husband and sons. Rosa and her husband are proud, legal immigrants from Mexico fighting the illegal-alien invasion in San Diego County.

Encinitas City Councilman and former mayor Dan Dalager stopped to talk to the open carry group about how important it is to protect our Second Amendment rights.
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