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    Okay, so I've read a lot about Obama/his cabinet trying to push gun bans through. Is there any weight behind this or is this all just something that's blown over already? The few articles I've found were from 08 the rest is all just hearsay that's come down through the grape vine. Any information on this would be great.

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    There are no serious pieces of legislation that have a chance of passing at the moment, and a majority of the democrats in the house have conceded, for the moment, that gun control is not where they intend to spend their "political capital". HR 45 (Blair Holt) isn't going anywhere at the moment. Unless we get another Columbine or some other mass casualty event using already legal firearms, we're probably safe from congress for now.

    The Obama administration obviously cannot (constitutionally) make up any new laws. However, the chief executive, the the previous one as well, have been putting more and more power into the hands of "czars" without much objection from congress or the courts . If you are concerned about some type of gun ban you should probably be on the look out for "national emergencies", or some other term that can be declared by the president without the consent of congress, that gives the president extra judicial authority to maintain the status quo.

    The Defense department is already asking for the authority to post up to 400,000 active duty troops inside the US to deal with a "major disaster or emergency". Clickhere for the original story: and here for verification from a site not entitled .

    That's what I'd be worried about if I were you, but maybe I'm just paranoid

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