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While it leans communist with quotes from that Bastard Helmke near the end, it mostly got the facts straight. the writer couldn't help but use the 'assault weapon' shocker name... It is just a rifle, get over yourselves. For an AP bit, I found it remarkably BS free. All of the gun-hate in it is referenced to that screed spewing filth, Helmke. The beginning part of the article makes it very clear that open carry does not require a permit, and several times repeated that it is not a crime, and no one was arrested or hassled by the cops.

I especially like the mention of the NH guy and what his sign said.

If you're a big enough focktard to call people 'bitter' and clinging to God and Guns, well, duh, they're going to show up and tell you what for. They better cling, the O Man is trying to strip it all away... Duh, again.

Wish I coulda been there...