Argh... so many small 'cities' on the kansas side. Trying to cover most of them. Again IANAL.

Merriam explicity bans firearms in parks, like most places:
Sec. 19-6. Firearms and Weapons. Except as provided in subsections (a), (b) below, no person shalldischarge, use or carry, within the boundaries of Park Facilities,any firearm, air gun, spring gun, blank gun, slingshot, or any otherweapon in which force is used to propel projectiles.

Merriam follows the 2008 UPOC (Uniform Public Offense Code), which does not explicitly ban open carry in Article 10, section 1 (only bans concealed, with a few exceptions... however with CCP, this is somewhat irrelevant)

The 2008 UPOC does ban loaded guns in vehicles... and states they must be in a completely enclosed container...

2008 UPOC bans gun possession by crack heads! A good law (Section 10.3.1)

Your opinions?