Hello OpenCarryFolks!

I am a Chicago Native who moved to Downstate Illinois25 yrs ago. I am very active in the Concealed Carry Movement in Illinois. Open Carry or Concealed Carry in Wisc.would affect me also. Like many Illiniosans, I hunt deer in Wis. near Chippewa Falls during Gun Season with relatives who live in Burlington, WI.

I am glad to hear that many Wisconsin gun owners are persuing their right to Open Carry since OC has already been proven lawful there. I do hope that they would also support Concealed Carry Reciprocity should concealed carry ever pass in Illinois or Wisconsin. Resiprocity would be benefical for all those who have a Utahor Florida State CCW permit.

Every March 13th, I proudly attend the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGold) protest in our state Capital. We go to each State senator's and State Representative's Office and Politely ask that they support Our Gun Rights. We also have succeeded in convincing 92 out ofthe 102 County Boards in Our State to pass a referendum to support the Second Amendment as written in our Federal and State Constitutions.

The Representatives and Senators cannot simply keep up with E-mails but they cannot ignore the letters because they have to open the envelope to see what the issue the letter is trying to address. It is very important to be patient and polite because when you are lobbying, One person can set off a lot of negative feedback.

Check out the website at IllinoisCarry.com. Last year the march was four city blocks long and they did not even cover it on the local newscasts that evening in Chicago. I hope this helps all ProOCers out...I know that I may be able to OC in Wisconsin and I am glad there is another way to push for gun rights. OC that is darn better than what we have in Illinois...nothing, so far!

Good Luck,