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    Since receiving a 2nd DUI 3 years ago, I can't drive,which is to Detroit, and I am ineligible for CPL for 3 more years, I am forced to use a bus. Not the safest ride...I would like to Open Carry for my safety and right. Will I be allowed to on a bus? I know I cannot in a car, but a bus has no trunk.. Please advise..

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    Nope, can't do it. It's still a vehicle and without a CPL it must be stored as prescribed by law.

    Also, please be sure to list your location under your screen name.


    If you don’t have a CPL, you must transport your handgun as prescribe by law. [/b]

    Michigan[/b] [/b]State Police Web Site[/b]. Transporting a pistol in a motor vehicle?

    Answer A person is now permitted to transport a pistol for a lawful purpose[/b] if the owner or occupant of the vehicle is the registered owner of the firearm and the pistol is unloaded and in a closed case in the trunk of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, the pistol may be in the passenger compartment of the vehicle unloaded and inaccessible to the occupants of the vehicle.

    The law defines ‘lawful purpose’[/b] as: 1)[/b] While en route to or from a hunting or target shooting area. 2)[/b] While transporting a pistol to or from home or place of business and a place of repair. 3)[/b] While moving goods from one place of residence or business to another place of residence or business. 4)[/b] While transporting a licensed pistol to or from a law enforcement agency for the purpose of having a safety inspection performed (registering the pistol) or to have a law enforcement official take possession of the pistol. 5)[/b] While en route to or from home or place of business to a gun show or place of purchase or sale. 6)[/b] While en route to or from home to a public shooting facility or land where the discharge of firearms is permitted. 7) While en route to or from home to private property where the pistol is to be used as permitted by law, rule, regulation, or local ordinance. [/b]

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