Dorknob wrote:
Hey all. I'm just came across your site a couple days ago and have found myself unable to stop reading. Thank you for soooo much information.

I was wondering if anyone has had any problems/incidents in the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights area. I love this idea and would like to open carry myself but I am having a few concerns. Most of the posts seem to be from folks in slightly more rural areas, and I'm not sure how our locals would handle this. My CPL is currently pending and would hate for some misunderstanding with my local pd to interfear with it being approved.

In Dearborn Heights here, we have one officer who deals strictly with gun registration and related issues. The several times I have interacted with him he seems very level headed and always happy to answer my questions. Wondering if it would behoove me to present this information to him along with my intention to start oc'ing in this area in the near future? Thinking perhaps this information would be passed along the proper channels until the LEO's on the street were informed as well.

Any advice you all have would be appreciated. :?
No problems in Dearborn Heights, I carry there all time. The Gun/property Officer is a very nice guy and has done his homework on OC. I have had several conversations with him about it.
Drop me a PM if you want info or a meet up. There are several in the area.