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Thread: Connecticut At Risk Warrants

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    There have been media articles and OLR Reports written about the Connecticut Gun Siezure Statute, Section 29-38c, (AT RISK WARRANTS), and the 2,000 firearms taken from citizens.

    Here is one set of facts about how this program has gone bad.

    This case is also on appeal in the Connecticut Courts.

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    Hundreds of firearms seized under new state law

    HARTFORD -- Police in Connecticut have confiscated several hundred more firearms under the state's gun seizure law since mid-2008.

    State police and local police departments have seized 2,093 guns since the law took effect nearly 10 years ago, according to an updated report prepared for the legislature. The 1999 law allows police and state prosecutors to obtain warrants to seize firearms based on suspicions that gun owners might harm themselves, or others.

    The legislature's research office previously reported 222 warrants had been issued from October 1999 through May 2008, and 1,713 firearms had been seized. In an updated report, the Office of Legislature Research found 55 more warrants had been issued through May 2009 and 380 more guns were confiscated.

    In one of those cases, Seymour police seized three guns from a man last August after his co-workers reported he had threatened to blow up his place of employment. A check of his computer showed visits to several Web sites dealing with workplace shootings, murders and violence.

    Out of the 277 warrants issued since 1999, police seized guns in 263 cases. The targeted gun owners included 256 men and 21 women. The courts didn't deny any warrant applications between May 2008 and May 2009 and there have not been any denials since two applications were rejected in 1999

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