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Thread: Freedom Alert: Marcus Corporation/Marcus Theatres does not support your rights

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    Carry on!

    While you are at it feel free to email the president of Marcus Theatres and executive at Marcus Corporation to let them know about the business they will be losing:

    List of Marcus Corporation hotel properties:

    List of Marcus Corporation theatre properties:

    Marcus Corp owns many hotels and theatres in Illinois and WI. Please avoide these establishiments including Grand Geneva Resert in Lake Geneva when you come up to visit.

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    Here is a copy of the email I sent them.

    While it Is clearly your decision to not allow law abiding citizens the right to exercise their 2nd Amendment Constitutional right.

    It will be our decision not to patronize any business that you own.

    If you change your policy please let me or any one of our grassroot members know.

    Selvin Morgan

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