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Thread: New to VA, Help..

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    Hi everyone, Im new to VA and would like to open carry, one problem, I cant find at least a level 1 Ret. holster for my G 38.

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    Iirc, the G38, 37 and 39 should fit holstered designed for the G20/21/29/30.

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    There must be many options with Blackhawk Serpa's and Safariland duty holsters that would work well. If you can't find any listed for your gun, I would call up Blackhawk and Safariland themselves and ask what will fit.

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to the Commonwealth of Virginia! This is one of the best states in the US (and not just for 2nd Amendment rights).

    Whatever holster you choose, it will likely get plenty of use here!

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