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Thread: Time for introductions

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    Hello my fellow AZ oc'ers. I'm Ryan. Lurker around here for a long time, but avid supporter of the RKBA.

    Although you cannot typically class my political views, I hold positions more with the democratic view of thinking (yea whodathunkit a democrat that supports the 2A fervently:what

    I'm a 23 year old college student studying kinesiology and a gym rat. Scrounging up for my second pistol (sold my XD9 to help pay for tuition, tough economic times) and leaning towards a glock 29, USPC, or P229 for something a little lighter and easier to carry than a full size xd-9.

    I'm an avid supporter of the college carry movement, and overall "gun rights" in general.

    So there we go. Hello

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    Welcome aboard! Don't mind us. We are all opinionated. Some more than others. LOL.

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    Hey, Ryan:

    It seems we're already acquainted on a couple of threads, but what-the-hey.

    Welcome aboard. I don't post much (most of the time), but as was said, there are a lot of opinionated people here.

    And, of course, we all have our hot-button issues.

    Sorry to hear about the tough economic times. I had to sell several prized firearms in my collection last year to help us pay the bills, so I can sympathize.

    Thank God our dumpy little mobile home is paid for, otherwise things would have been *REALLY* ugly.

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