I have OCed for several years, and carried many times into my bank (former bank) after banking there for 6 years and ocing there repeatedly, my wife starts working there. One day her boss approaches her and asked what i am doing for work now. My wife tells her that I am working at a local holster shop and soon to be attending police academy. Herboss tells her that there was some concern about my being armed. So the next day I went to the president of the bank and respectfully asked him about this matter and gave him a copy of MO law on the subject. He did not tell me to not carry in his bank and really acted as if he didn't want to discuss the subject. I left and several days later received a letter in the mail from him carbon copied to his boss in which he stated that he had told me not to carry in the bank and I had continued to carry anyway and that I had been approached by another customer and told that they didn't like me carrying a gun. None of this ever happened. After that I was turned down on a small loan, where before I could call my loan officer and get approval over the phone more or less. I no longer bank there and haven't for years. My wife also does not work there. She quit,all of this from a so called "gun guy."