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    The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area located in Kentucky and Tennessee between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. The area was designated a national recreation area by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The recreation area was originally managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority but jurisdiction has since been transferred to the United States Forest Service.

    Does this make it the same as a national forest and not a park ? I saw on that they thought it was under the Army Corp of Eng. Does anyone know if we can carry therenow or whether park carry that takes effect in 2010 will cover it .

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    It is not a National Park and is not subject to the law change coming in Feb 2010. I believe it is managed by the US Forestry service under the Department of Agriculture.

    So AFAIK there is no direct Federal law against carry there. However Federal law does allow a ranger to issue special orders relating to parks under his control. It is my understanding that there has been such an order issued to prohibit carry in LBL.

    This was asked on another forum that I'm on and this is some of the info from that thread.

    I just emailed LBL and asked the question about handgun carry and here is the official answer:

    The Department of Interior recently changed their concealed carry law.
    This change does not apply to the Forest Service, as we are Department of
    Agriculture. The following CFR remains in effect at Land Between The
    Lakes National Recreation Area.

    Code of Federal Regulations concerning firearms on LBL.
    (CFR 261.53E)
    Possession of firearms is prohibited except during legal firearms hunting
    seasons and going to and from the LBL Target Range. Firearms must be
    unloaded when transporting.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Here was my reply
    Seems like he is using a part of the code as a catch all.

    36CFR261.53simply allows for special closures. Part (e) says they can issue one for "public safety". So it seems the head of LBL is just using this because he doesn't want firearms in LBL and deems it because of public safety. Sort of like the "local loophole" for US Forest Rangers

    36CFR261.50is what allows he to make special orders within his jurisdiction.

    Otherwise the only things that can be prohibited by order are in 36CFR261.58
    Then this post was made..
    Well I just received and email from patrol captain for the Law Enforcement & Investigation division at LBL and here is the answer from the top.

    lthough the regulation prohibits the concealed carry our law enforcement
    officers located here at LBL honor the concealed weapons permits and
    certainly understand the need for a person to protect himself and/or his
    family. If you are honoring a concealed weapons permit then there will be
    no concern for our officers to address.

    Not sure if any of this helps, but maybe it gives you a place to start.

    I have heard other ranges have used this to prohibit carry in National Forest or Recreation areas they control. Sounds like we need something to remove their ability to use "special orders" to prohibit legal carry blanketly.
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