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Thread: Michael Bane Defends Open Carry

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    Here is a link to Michael Banes radio blog on's website.

    Start at about half way through and listen to his history lesson about Concealed Carry in FL back in teh day and how it compares to people downing open carry today.

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    I'm very pleased to hear Michael Bane defending open carry, especially at public forums and town hall meetings. I love the part where he says "Our cause is the re-normalization of firearms."

    That defines the purpose of open-carry in a nutshell. I also likes that he draws the parallel to the 1970's beginnings of the gay movement, "We're queer, we're here." and he calls it an in-your-face movement. He then mentions that it was very effective rhetoric, as now the issues are not whether or not people are openly gay, but now the issues are gay marriage, implying a greater degree of social acceptance.

    He brings it back to firearms and says that the same things apply to firearm owners. It re-normalizes firearms and an open-carry movement will inevitably result in a broader acceptance by those who would advocate for some degree of gun-control or another. He ties it in with the FL CC movement you mentioned after that.

    He's absolutely correct.

    Open Carry is incrementalism at work. It's using incrementalism (the Marxist Dialectic) against the "left." He makes a very concise argument and I wish this got more airtime.

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