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Thread: Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)

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    From here:

    Another Mayor Drops Membership in "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Since its creation, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has signed up a large number of committed anti-gun politicians to its ranks. It has also signed up some politicians who failed to realize the true anti-gun nature of MAIG. A number of those mayors have resigned their membership when they learned the truth.

    This past week, yet another mayor, Village of Walton Hills, Ohio Mayor Marlene Anielski (R), has resigned her membership. Mayor Anielski informed the Buckeye Firearms Association of her decision, reporting that she had not realized the real agenda of MAIG. In fact, she reported, she and her husband are NRA life members!

    With the ongoing effort by MAIG to mislead the public and even its own members on its true agenda, it is no surprise that some mayors are choosing to leave the group. How many more mayors don't know what MAIG is really all about?

    All NRA members should ask: Is my mayor a member of MAIG? If you do not know, check the list here.
    If your mayor is on the list, contact his or her office and politely let him or her know you are opposed to his or her membership in Mayor Bloomberg's radical anti-gun organization.


    Mayor Larry P. Langford

    Birmingham, AL

    Mayor Thomas Henderson

    Center Point, AL

    Mayor Carroll L. `Lew` Watson

    Lincoln, AL

    Mayor Samuel L. Jones

    Mobile, AL

    Mayor Ron Davis

    Prichard, AL

    Mayor Omar Neal

    Tuskegee, AL

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    Now lets leave Langford (B'ham AL) on the roles. That way we can point out the
    criminal elements they choose to keep. but he was probably signing up for
    Mayors for a Dome Stadium anyways.

    But I would love to know how much of our tax money has been wasted
    funding these organizations. I know our crooked mayor would never use his
    money for anything, when he can just steal ours.

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