Dear friends,
I have submitted the enclosed to the Town Board, requesting it as an Agenda item for discussion, motion and action. “I request a motion item on the Town Board Agenda to repeal W. I. Code Chapter 205 in its entirety. It is preempted by Wisc. Stats. § 66.0409. It is unenforceable, moot for vagueness and incompetent.”

Enclosed are an excerpt from the Wisconsin State Statutes, 'Local Regulation of Firearms' (§ 66.0409), and the entirety of Washington Island Code Chapter 205, 'Firearms and Weapons'.

W. I. Code Ch. 205 is unenforceable on equal protection grounds because it excepts “any person who keeps a handgun or weapon in his or her personal residence or premises, which is owned by said person, authorized agent, or lessee.” This creates a special class of people which do not own their property or own through an authorized agent or lessee. This special class is not protected because “[t]his chapter shall not apply to any person” who is a member of this special class.

W. I. Code Ch. 205 is moot for vagueness as demonstrated in the tortured logic of the preceding paragraph necessitated by the language of Code Ch. 205-2B. These words are not similar to and are more stringent than any State Statute.

All legal and effective prohibitions of W. I. Code Ch. 205 are subsumed by Wisconsin Statutes as specified by Wisc. Stats. § 66.0409. The Town of Washington Island cannot bear the cost of enforcing this Code Chapter or of defending it, were it appealed

The Town may take these actions; it may ignore my request, it may make it an agenda item during my absence or it may become an agenda item while I am available to defend it. I will not be available during September while I am touring off Island. Thus I pray that you will satisfy yourselves of my correct arguments and be present at the Town Board meeting to argue for me and for lawful freedom.

Thank you.

Doug Huffman
Washington Island