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Thread: New Hampshire Firearm Laws

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    I soon expect New Hampshire to become a 'Gold-Star' Firearms State.

    As used at the term 'Gold-Star' means that the State allows both open and concealed carry of any Firearm, namely Pistols, and one may go almost anywhere where one pleases with their Lawful Firearms. Also the term includes a State where there are complete Firearms preemptions in place to forego any Local action taken against Firearms, leaving the issue only to the State.

    The recipe for 'Gold-Star' status is brewing, and before long I will not be surprised if New Hamphire follow suit with its neighbor Vermont and becomes a 'Gold-Star' State.

    The only major problem that I have with New Hampshires Law is RSA 159:20. One may openly carry a Pistol, however, the same Person may not openly carry a blackjack or switch blade knife. This, at least to me, does not mesh well.

    Furthermore, RSA 159:19, as it pertains to Court House security could be changed to allow persons with New Hampshire Concealed Permits to carry any Firearm or any Weapon into a Courthouse. One may already carry into a Jail orThe State Capital, without any need for a Permit at all, so why not Hisown Local Courthouse.

    RSA 650-C:1 needs to be repealed,The Government hasno business telling a Man how to runHis home, and how to care for His family.

    Also, althoughI am uncertain which Law it is, I have heard there is a Law that says one may not carry a Loaded Shotgun or Loaded Rifle in or on any plane, train, or automobile. Per New Hampshire State LawRSA 159:4, one strictly may not carry a Loaded Pistol in anyMotor Vehicle either. To me this is odd because I am used to States that allow Firearms into Vehicles without any MiscellaneousLaws. I know for sure thatRSA 159:4 isThe Law, but if the other Law about Shotguns and Rifles is true as well, then, it seems to me that New Hampshire, for some reason, does not want itsCitizens to be armed while in their Motor Vehicles... at least not Loaded.

    If becoming a'Gold-Star' State were to become a reality, then, this would have to change as well. However, I do think that it is plausible thiswill happen; because, New Hampshire already allows its Citizens to do things with Firearms that not to many other States allow. If only the Free Staters could convince The Legislature...

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    We need to repeal the pistol/revolver license, not further entangle and encumber it with unrelated weapons.

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