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Thread: Oakland Community College Robbery

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    Oakland Community College
    Department of Public Safety
    August 26, 2009

    Department Complaint Number 0900000431

    In compliance with the Timely Notice provision of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, the Public Safety Department is giving notice of a possible threat to the community.

    REPORTED OFFENSE: Armed Robbery
    On 8/25/2009, around 11:00 a.m., listed suspects were on the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland Community College and brandished a blue steel revolver and demanded money and other personal belongings of the victim. The victim was forced to the ground and kicked by several of the suspects. The injuries did not require medical treatment.
    This incident was reported to have occurred in lot 7B. This is a student parking lot on the west side of campus.
    SUSPECTS: #1 an African American male, 18-25 years, 6’ 2”, 170-80 lbs, thin build, medium complexion, wearing a white T shirt. #2 an African American male, 18-25 years, 5’ 10”, thin build, medium complexion, black T shirt, #3 an African American male 18-25 years, 5’ 9”, medium build, black shirt and red shorts.

    The Department of Public Safety is seeking anyone who may have witnessed this incident or been in the area at the time by contacting us at 5555 from any college phone or 248-858-4951 from any other phone.
    Public Safety offers escorts to or from your vehicle. Please take advantage of this offering by calling the listed number.

    Terry McCauley
    Director of Public Safety
    Oakland Community College

    Oakland Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. OCC 71 2/06

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    WHAT the BG had a gun in a pistol free zone!!!!! :what: Oh wait criminal = does not pay attention to the laws.
    Anything I post may be my opinion and not the law... you are responsible to do your own verification.

    Blackstone (1753-1765) maintains that "the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."

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    I get these all the time from EMU, usually near campus, but there was one instance this past year where a dice game that was going down in a dorm common area was held up by a guy with a gun.

    Eastern Michigan University police say gunman identified in residence hall robbery
    by Susan L. Oppat | The Ann Arbor News
    Tuesday January 27, 2009, 12:35 PM
    Police have obtained a warrant for one man and are trying to identify two others suspected of robbing a dice game in an Eastern Michigan University dormitory last week.
    Eastern Michigan University police investigate armed robbery inside residence hall

    Both of the other two suspects are black, and one was described as about 6 feet tall, possibly wearing a black cap and an orange and blue coat.

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    As a former student of "Only Chance College" aka "Harvard By The Highway", I am not surprised by their actions to prevent law-abiding citizens from possessing firearms for self-defense. I believe that place to be infected by administratium.

    The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by investigators at a major U.S. research university. The element, tentatively named administratium, has no protons or electrons and thus has an atomic number of 0. However, it does have one neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice neutrons and 111 assistant vice neutrons, which gives it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by a force that involves the continuous exchange of meson-like particles called morons.

    Since it has no electrons, administratium is inert. However, it can be detected chemically as it impedes every reaction it comes in contact with. According to the discoverers, a minute amount of Administratium causes one reaction to take over four days to complete when it would have normally occurred in less than a second.

    Administratium has a normal half-life of approximately three years, at which time it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which assistant neutrons, vice neutrons and assistant vice neutrons exchange places. Some studies have shown that the atomic mass actually increases after each reorganization.

    Research at other laboratories indicates that administratium occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It tends to concentrate at certain points such as government agencies, large corporations, and universities. It can usually be found in the newest, best appointed and best maintained buildings.

    Scientists point out that administratium is known to be toxic at any level of concentration and can easily destroy any productive reaction where it is allowed to accumulate. Attempts are being made to determine how administratium can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results to date are not promising.

    Rights are like muscles. You must EXERCISE THEM to keep them from becoming atrophied.

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