The following email to Blackhawk explains the problems. Note that the following link is for a double stack version - could not find the single stack which mine is.,1369,82.htm

I cannot recommend this product.

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After waiting for almost a yearafter I first heard of your new pending double mag case, I heard that they were now available. I ordered product #410510PBK with the intended use for two, single stack, eight round, .45 ACP mags. Ireceived it yesterday and what a major disappointment!

Areas of concern:

1 - mag case exposes entirely too much of the magazine, over an inch more than the individual mag cases, almost 50% of the mag exposed. Note thatan interior ridge prevents the mag fromgoing all the way down

2 - Magazines sit at two different heights when inserted with ammo facing the same way in each - interior ridge again.

3- The attachment system is poorly designed and does not fuction well at all.

a - Belt slide - a 1 1/2" double leather belt could not be threaded through the slots! A friend's belt did barely make it but could not be moved beyond the first 1/2"

b - Clip-on attachment - my 1 1/2" double leather belt caused the "tongue" to stand off at an angle so far as to barely engage the bottom hook to the belt. You cannot slide the belt upas there is no offset/space for the belt at the top of the tongue - attempting to do so only forces the tongue out at an even greater angle.

Please note that a half dozen friends have looked at my new Blackhawk double mag case and all independently expressed complete dismay - declaring it completely unusable.The only belt that I see functioning well with this mag case is a light duty instructor's belt.

I think that in trying to make a mag case do all things, you have compromised too much,resulting in a product not up Blackhawk's usual quality.
I can say that I am more than satisfied with numerous other Blackhawk products that I have purchased but this product will be returned to my dealer Monday morning with a full explanation.

Please redesign this product and come out with an improved version addressing the above issues and update your web-site to show specifications.

Respectfull submitted,
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